Demographic Information

Abercorn Common is uniquely situated at the intersection of Abercorn Street and White Bluff, which commands a staggering 100,000 daily vehicle traffic count.*
*New data as of 2006 from Ga DOT


With a population representative of medical and art University students, business professionals, working families, and active retirees, Savannah offers an excellent balance of diversity.

Due to Savannah's unique coastal geography, its numerous marshes and wetlands, consumers are spread out, and commercial space is limited.

Unlike most cities, which have dense residential pockets that drive numerous local shopping outlets, Savannah has a single, dominant, retail trade area. Abercorn Common stands at the very center of this prime 'retail avenue', at the top intersection in Savannah, with a daily vehicle traffic count reaching over 100,000.

The local market region encompasses a 41-mile radius surrounding the city ... From Springfield to Skidaway Island (The Landings), Tybee and Wilmington Island.

This highly dispersed residential population in the greater Savannah area represents a single buying universe for Abercorn Common.

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