Unique Features


Abercorn Common was developed according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Core & Shell standards. The center was awarded Silver Certification in April, 2006.

The Benefits to shoppers and tenants are many:
Shoppers Enjoy

* This is a unique shopping environment which creates curiosity, buzz and repeat visits.

* This is a healthy, comfortable, and relaxing shopping environment.

* The progressive design is not only informative with on-site signs displaying sustainable features of the center, but it's enjoyable.

* The landscaping creates a significantly cooler shopping experience.

* The landscaping, design, and walkable center design create a sense of "oasis," a retreat from heat and traffic.


Tenants Experience

* Operational costs are significantly lower for tenants.

* Research demonstrates that buildings developed according to LEED standards result in lower employee absenteeism and higher retention.

* Bike storage and showers are available to tenants and their employees.

* A healthy work environment results in fewer sick days and happier employees.

* The educational aspects of the Abercorn design  create repeat visits, not only for students and their parents, but visitor's to Savannah can take a self-guided walking tour to discover the environmental aspects of the center.

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